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Computer vision and artificial intelligence

Computer vision, together with artificial intelligence, is able to eliminate human errors and automate monotonous work, allowing human resources to be used for tasks of higher complexity. LMT develops algorithms for object recognition, tracking, etc., adapting them to the customer’s needs, as well as integrating them into the customer’s business systems.

LMT has been developing and implementing various computer vision solutions for a long time, for example, for traffic monitoring and control, etc., where computer vision enables the automation and digitalization of various manual processes.

Drone solutions

With the development of technology and legislation, more and more drone flights are conducted automatically, which opens up wider opportunities for the use of drones in business. Drones serve as a mobile platform that can quickly get to the right place and acquire data using various sensors and cameras.

We develop solutions that use remote control of drones over a mobile network. The data obtained from the drone is processed and sent to users for quick decision making. Drones make a big contribution to infrastructure surveying, security, agriculture, etc. areas.

EDGE computing and 5G

The volume of data that we use on a daily basis is constantly growing. At the same time, when analyzing data from various sensors, it is necessary to obtain the results as quickly as possible, but this is hampered by the limited capacity of the data transmission channel. In order to optimize the data transfer and computing processes, we have specialized in EDGE or edges in the development of computing technologies.

With the help of these technologies, the computing process is brought closer to the place of data extraction. LMT’s considerable experience with computer vision has already proven that it is EDGE computing technologies that allow high-resolution video analysis directly at the video camera, without the need for additional data channels to be built.

Voice call and SMS integration

Voice calls and SMS are nothing new, they have become common everyday services. Our long-term experience in the telecommunications sector allows us to supplement various IT systems with these technologies as well, ensuring their effective integration.


IoT and sensors

As labor costs increase, it is increasingly important to be able to do as much as possible with a small and efficient team. In many cases, IoT solutions help achieve this, using sensors for situational assessment and IoT platform process automation.

LMT develops different levels of IoT solutions for both business and private segments.

Integrated business systems

A user-friendly digital environment for performing daily work duties increases the efficiency of the tasks to be performed. LMT helps customers develop user-centric information systems that support the digitization of business processes.

Integration of the developed system with other information systems used by the customer often plays a significant role in order to ensure their interaction. LMT performs full-cycle development, starting with user research, solution development, test automation, and ending with customer employee training.

Enhanced security solutions

LMT carries out the development of increased security solutions, which includes not only a careful and appropriate selection of technologies, but also the organization of relevant work processes. Solutions developed in this way can then be used, for example, in the military field.